Mission Integrative Health

Our Mission:

Pedre Integrative Health strives to:

  • 1) Provide high-quality, integrated care for the whole person;
  • 2) Make the patient experience enjoyable and easy;
  • 3) Provide easy-access to the doctor;
  • 4) And keep waiting time to a minimum.

Our goal is to maintain, enhance and restore your health.


We strive to maintain your health in balance and instruct you on how to do so.


We counsel you on ways that you can enhance your health and sense of well-being.


We help you restore your health when an acute medical condition has knocked it off balance.

At Pedre Integrative Health, we want to make navigating the occasional turbulent waters of your health as seamless and smooth as possible. Let Dr. Pedre be your primary care and integrative medicine expert. Many medical issues, from physical to psychological, can be taken care of without a specialist; however, if your issue(s) require(s) specialty care, we are connected with some of the best specialists in the city. Dr. Pedre makes it his job to seek out and find the best referrals for his patients.

We provide comprehensive healthcare for adults 18 and older, including general health screenings, physical exams, blood tests, screening for sexually-transmitted diseases, preventive immunizations, treatment of a broad variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, travel consultations, and coordination of care with some of the best specialists in the city for the advanced management of complex diseases.

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