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Dr Pedre's Holistic HCG Weight Loss Program

"My weight loss program, Dr. Pedre's Holistic HCG Diet, which has helped countless patients lose the weight other programs did not, is a doctor-supervised weight loss program that will help you lose weight fast and safely."

What is the HCG Diet?

Designed through the research of physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, over 50 years ago, the HCG Diet's premise is that obesity is a condition originating in the diencephalon (a part of the more primitive brain that regulates body processes and metabolism) in its inability to regulate fat, causing the body to abnormally accumulate fat, even when on a "good" diet.

How does it work?

Dr. Simeons postulated and showed that very low doses of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG when combined with a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) that was devoid of fat, carbohydrates and sugars, could initiate a very rapid weight loss, consuming abnormal fat deposits while sparing normal fat deposits. His patients would lose weight where it counted – the abdomen and thighs, for example – but not areas that are often affected by intense dieting, such as the face. His patients were able to achieve healthy, sustained weight loss in a short period of time.

What is Dr. Pedre's Holistic HCG Diet Program?

We have combined the rapid weight loss of the HCG Diet with the Environmental Toxin Accumulation Theory to create a powerful weight loss program that is not only designed to reset a person's metabolism, restore proper fat homeostasis, but also prevent the yo-yo effect that many dieters experience. The HCG Diet itself is not for everyone. It is designed for people who want to lose weight, but have reached a plateau or for whom other diets have not worked. The diet requires a strong commitment to do it faithfully and to strictly follow the guidelines provided by Dr. Pedre Wellness.

How are diets connected to Environmental Toxins?

Since Dr. Simeon developed the HCG diet, our understanding of fat deposits and what they contain has expanded. We now know that fat is the ultimate storage place of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) – chemicals we absorb from the environment from the daily use of normal products to known environmental toxins. Our environment has become increasingly toxic to us since Dr. Simeon first created the HCG diet guide. Dr. Crinion, has postulated that the reason people tend to cycle up and down in weight on diets is because a rapid weight loss ushers in a rapid release of all these environmental toxins stored in the fat into the circulation. This has been demonstrated in various studies, where blood measures of these toxins were found to increase as much as 3,000% during rapid weight loss. He believes that the toxins in circulation, if not eliminated, will then find their way back into the abnormal fat deposits, thus initiating the cycle of weight gain once more.

What is typical weight loss? How much could I lose?

This process works well for both men and women, with typical weight loss ranging from 15 to 25 pounds in a 40-day cycle.

In my practice, where I have created my own version of the HCG diet, I have seen patients who could not lose any weight by any other means achieve a 15-25 lbs sustained weight loss.*

Is it safe? Are there side-effects?

The approach to health at Dr. Pedre Wellness is individualized. As each patient's individual health diagnosis is unique, I discuss the Holistic HCG Diet Program with each patient and its viability with their health and history in a private consultation.

What can I eat?

You can continue to have a daily cup of coffee or preferably green tea; however, you will be skipping breakfast. You can have a small mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Lunch and dinner are each 225 calories. All day long, you will drink plenty of water.

Will I be hungry?

Even though during the HCG cycle and for 3 days after you finish the HCG injections or sublingual drops you will be eating a 500 calorie-restricted diet, during this time the HCG will direct your body to consume fat as its primary energy source. This fat will come from the undesirable places, including the very dangerous visceral fat (which surrounds your organs, but you can't see, and increases your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and an early death). While you are on the restricted diet, you will be taking a proprietary supplement designed for Dr. Pedre Wellness, which has natural appetite suppressants without the caffeine or any other stimulants.

If I am taking the shots, how many shots do I get, for how long and how often?

Two types of plans exist. One has a 27-day cycle, and the other, a 40-day cycle. The 27-day cycle has 24 shots, and the 40-day cycle has 37 shots. There is only one shot daily, given with a very tiny insulin syringe in the abdominal fat. The shots end three days prior to the end of the cycle. However, the 500 calorie-restricted diet is continued for the last 3 days of the cycle without shots while your body processes the remaining HCG.

I am afraid of getting injections. Are there other ways to get the HCG?

Yes, you can receive the HCG in sublingual doses. This will not produce as dramatic weight loss as the injections, but it will definitely help you lose on average 10-15 pounds of excess fat.

Do I have to make weekly office visits?

Yes, you will come in weekly to assess your progress and monitor your weight loss. The weekly weigh-in and waist measurement is an important part of the program. If you are on injections you will get your weekly supply then and return used syringes for proper disposal.

What do I do after the cycle? How is the weight-loss sustained?

This is the Maintenance Phase, which lasts 3 weeks. During this time, calorie intake is slowly increased; however, it is very important to strictly have no carbohydrates, extra sugar, or alcohol in your diet. The Maintenance Phase allows the diencephalon to adjust to the new weight and fat composition, meaning that your body gets used to the new weight and your improved metabolism stabilizes. Added in this phase is the Core Restore Detox Program to aid your body in expelling any fat-soluble environmental toxins that have been put into circulation during your rapid weight loss. Once you complete the maintenance phase, we at Dr. Pedre Wellness encourage you to incorporate some of the healthy dietary changes into your eating lifestyle. This final phase I have named the Lifestyle Phase. This is where you reprogram the way you think about food and structure your meals. Choosing healthy food options, making sensible choices, incorporating an exercise program and monitoring will help you to maintain your current weight. At this point you are allowed alcohol in moderation. You've given yourself the gift of a new body – make it into a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle!

I am ready to get started. How can I lose weight on Dr. Pedre's Holistic HCG Diet Program?

If you are ready to take control of your weight and health, call Dr. Pedre Wellness at (212) 860-8300 to schedule your initial visit.

*Results may vary from person to person. Dr. Pedre Wellness cannot guarantee results featured on this website will be the results achieved by every person.