Our Mission & Philosophy

At Pedre Integrative Health, we want to make navigating the occasional turbulent waters of your health as seamless and smooth as possible. Let Dr. Pedre be your primary care and integrative medicine expert. Many medical issues, from physical to psychological, can be taken care of without a specialist; however, if your issue(s) require(s) specialty care, we are connected with some of the best specialists in the city. Dr. Pedre makes it his job to seek out and find the best referrals for his patients.

We provide comprehensive healthcare for adults 18 and older, including general health screenings, physical exams, blood tests, screening for sexually-transmitted diseases, preventive immunizations, treatment of a broad variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, travel consultations, and coordination of care with some of the best specialists in the city for the advanced management of complex diseases.

Our Mission

Pedre Integrative Health strives to:

  1. Provide high-quality, integrated care for the whole person;
  2. Make the patient experience enjoyable and easy;
  3. Provide easy-access to the doctor;
  4. And keep waiting time to a minimum.

Our goal is to maintain, enhance and restore your health.


We strive to maintain your health in balance and instruct you on how to do so.


We counsel you on ways that you can enhance your health and sense of well-being.


We help you restore your health when an acute medical condition has knocked it off balance.

Our Philosophy

Life is a path of coincidences with many surprise twists and turns; let the path to your health be non-coincidental.
Dr. Vincent Pedre


“We can become bridges between different modalities, different thought traditions and options others may not think of as we explore our healing process. As a doctor and healer, I seek to bring together beneficial attributes of different styles of medicine for the benefit of the patient.”

How Dr. Pedre practices Medicine:

“I believe that the way I treat a patient should be the same way I would want a family member treated by their doctor. I use the same philosophy when screening for specialists. My number one criteria is: Would I send a loved one to see this specialist? In other words, would I entrust the care of a family member to this specialist? This is my care philosophy and how I approach medicine. Everything else follows from there.”

My goal is to be personal, personable, and approachable.


The way medical care was meant to be.


Because there’s enough seriousness in life as it is.


Because your doctor should be easy to reach and non-intimidating.

“In a time when medical care has taken on a factory-style assembly line mentality, I have taken great efforts in my practice to preserve the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship as it was meant to be. That is why I have decided to keep my practice small, because we don’t need more bureaucracy in medicine.

With this in mind, all your appointments will be with me so that we may get to know each other in a way that is most beneficial for your overall health and well-being. Understanding that most of my patients are busy professionals, I do my best to value your time as much as I value my own by staying on time. I ask that you do the same when coming to an appointment. By arriving on time (or 15 minutes before your appointment if you are a New Patient), you help me stay on time. And most importantly, the focus of my practice is on you (the patient) and providing the best quality, most up-to-date, integrative, evidence-based healthcare possible.

You may be surprised that I don’t wear a white coat. There are differing opinions on the matter, but at one end is the belief that the white coat conveys authority, whereas at the other end that it may convey excessive formality. In my opinion, white coats create separation, whereas my goal is to break down barriers to communication. I am human just like the rest of us, and until I can find a good reason to wear a white coat, I won’t. I strive to make our interaction as interconnected as possible so that you can relate to me as a person, the same way you want me to relate to you.”