New Patients

Your First Visit

“Where’s the easy button when you need it? With insurance plans, in-network and out-of-network deductibles, flex spending and health savings accounts, we understand this can be complicated! It can get quite overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to see a specialist or have a procedure. The easy has been taken out of medicine. Well, we hope that when you come to our office for the first time, you’ll find that the easy was put back into medicine.”

We hope to make your first experience with us as comfortable and seamless as possible. Let’s take away some of the stress from this necessary part of life so we can focus on your health issues.

Here are a few Tips to make your first visit with us an easy one:

  1. Bring a list: If your history is complex, remember to bring a list of all your medical issues, doctors/specialists you see and any medications you take (with doses and frequency and the number, name and address of your preferred pharmacy). This will make all of our lives easier.
  2. Plan extra time: Arrive 15 – 30 minutes early depending on whether you have finished all of the paperwork in advance. This will allow you to sit down, take off your coat or jacket, and unwind from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Take time to relax. Your health is of primary importance as you set aside the world for the 30-90 minutes your visit with us may take.
  3. Bring your Insurance card: We will need to make a copy of this for our records in order to better serve you.
  4. Make sure you signed all pages of all forms: We need this to know that you have read and understood all aspects of the patient forms. These forms may be obtained by clicking here from the website ahead of time and faxed to us at (212) 860 -8300 in order to expedite your registration time.
  5. Make sure you’ve received and read our Privacy Policy by clicking here. This is required of all practices as per HIPAA regulations, and you as a patient should be informed of your rights to privacy. Again, you can obtain this form on our website.
  6. After your visit Don’t Forget to Stop at the front desk:
    • Check to see if the doctor left any samples for you
    • Pay any fees due at the time of your visit
    • Inform us of any referrals you may need
    • Take a business card for yourself or a friend
    • And set up any follow-up appointments