Sustainable Wellness

“For me, Sustainable Wellness is a concept that ties in a missing inter-connected element in all of medicine and life. Our lifestyle choices and our environment affect all of us in ways that are unseen, but manifest with very common diseases. Western medicine never digs deep enough to understand that common disease processes, from allergies to diabetes, infertility, ADD, autism, etc.. May have environmental root causes. Integrative Wellness utilizes different treatment modalities to maximize patient outcomes. In my practice and lifestyle, a social context and a concern for the environment has led me to consider a wider view of health and wellness which I call Sustainable Wellness.”

Sustainable Wellness is an acknowledgment that our health is impacted by not only internal factors, but also external, such as social and environmental. Sustainable Wellness implies that health is renewable through the right choices.

In my philosophy and practice, I consider:

Achieving a balance between the internal and external is a concern of many people now. Where do we live and how do we live? We are in a strong growth phase with the understanding of wellness and how the choices we make and the things we do, the things we are surrounded by impact our health. From stressful environments to the water we drink, our wellness is a process of balance.

Lifestyle choices we make in our food, habits, clothing, shelter ultimately impact our own health and wellness and also that of our larger social context of community and environment. Rippling out, our choices relate and impact the natural world and the resources of the planet and in turn, the state of the environment is reflective of our own ability to sustain health.

People want to live longer, live better, and stay younger. Sustainability is about achieving this, not in the isolation of the self, but in the integrated consideration and relationship of ourselves to our environment and our community.

Environmentalism equals Health. The concern and active interest in healing the environment is no longer a marginal, fringe movement, as the health of the environment impacts all of us. Witness the natural and man-made disasters of recent years and the impact on the health of citizens. The next step is expanding human and environmental awareness to knowing that protecting our environment actually protects our health.