Weight Loss Programs


A gut reboot system featuring Gut C.A.R.E.™ created by Dr. Vincent Pedre to support gut health, energy levels, and healthy weight maintenance.

What makes a Happy Gut?

Your gut is basically your internal garden, and requires tending to just like a garden does. Its surface area is a remarkable 200 times greater than that of your skin, making it your largest surface of interaction with the outside world. The gut is in continuous contact with nutrients, as well as all types of toxins, food additives, microbes, and drugs that may pass through your digestive tracts on a daily basis. As gatekeeper, your gut has a huge task to not only serve as a porous filter for the building blocks of life, but also to keep out all the detrimental substances you may be exposed to.

Like a garden, every gut contains its own unique “microbiome.” Healthy gut flora is not monochromatic — it is very diverse. A HAPPY GUT is one where a diverse world of friendly bacteria live, creating a harmonious symbiosis to help us digest, produce vitamins, stimulate a vibrant gut lining, and keep unfriendly organisms in check.

Why 28 days?

If you’ve been eating a diet that is making you and your gut sick, it takes a minimum of two weeks for your body to begin to heal from all the inflammatory foods you were eating. That means that it can take two weeks for you to start to feel the positive effects of the dietary changes that are part of the HAPPY GUT CLEANSE. For some of you the changes will be noticeable within a few days, but for others it may take a little longer as your bodies detox from the effects of their pre-cleanse diet. The second two weeks of the 28-Day CLEANSE are your gut stabilizing phase; this is when the real healing takes place. Your gut inflammation lessens, and your overall energy improves.

Will I lose weight?

A diet rich in the foods that you are sensitive to, in combination with a Leaky or hyperpermeable gut, leads to fluid retention and inflammation, and, as a result—weight gain. People who are very food sensitive often lose up to six pounds and up to 2 inches off their waist in the first 10 days after removing these foods from their diet.

You may be consuming foods that your body has developed an immune response or sensitivity to without you even knowing it. Even when you restrict yourself stringently by following one of the popular diets, including limiting calories, carbs, or carb-fat-protein ratios, your food sensitivities will make it very difficult to lose weight. When you remove the foods that are toxic to your body, and allow gut healing to take place, weight loss happens naturally.

Your gut is happy and healthy when:

  • All your food is properly digested into the building blocks of life.
  • Digestion moves from your mouth to your rectum in a well-orchestrated sequence.
  • Just the right amount of digestive juices are secreted and at the right time.
  • Food moves through your gut pain-free.
  • Your bowel movements happen at least once a day.